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the salon chic little book of secrets to seriously smooth hair

We know you want to look your best at all times, and having a smooth sleek style is a great way to do it! That's why we've asked our experts here at salon chic to give you some great tips and advice, as well as you tube video tutorials highlighting how to do it, and where you might be going wrong..... enjoy!

Q. How do I get a seriously smooth looking style?
A. Apply salon chic balm or mist to the hair when still damp after washing. Blow dry as soon as possible, and then straighten soon after to keep a smooth style.

Q. What sort of hair straighteners should I use?
A. Make sure you find a good set of hair straighteners, look for ones that have high heat settings that are variable, lightweight, slim line body to make it easier to use, and ceramic or titanium plates for a seriously smooth style.

Q. How do I section my hair when straightening?
A. Make sure to keep sections neat and no larger than the straighteners you’re using. For example, if your straighteners are 1” wide, section the hair into no more than 1” at a time.

Q. How long should it take to get a straight style?
A. The time it takes to straighten hair depends entirely on the length and thickness of your hair. Just make sure that you don’t move the irons through the hair too quickly, but without leaving them in one place at a time which can damage the hair. Move the iron from root to tip steadily to ensure a smooth, sleek straight look.

Q. I love the style I can get with straighteners, but have been told my hair straighteners are damaging my hair.. Is there anything I can do to prevent it?
A. Don’t worry, there’s something you can do to protect your hair when straightening. Simply apply Salon Chic straightening mist and balm whilst straightening the hair, which will help protect the hair from heat damage whilst also creating a straight, lustrous style.

Got your own questions? Email us with your question and we’ll get one of our salon chic straightening guru's to post an answer as soon as possible.